Current Awareness

What do I need to know?

KnowledgeShare    –

(originates from Brighton Health libraries, now national, worldwide)

KnowledgeShare provides targeted evidence updates via email to NHS staff. These are individualised based on a staff member’s interest in particular conditions or lifestyle factors, age groups, settings of care, interventions and management topics.


The Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH) is a collaborative project provided by a network of librarians and knowledge managers in the health sector who monitor and capture content from across a range of subject areas.

The collaborative working model helps to avoid duplication of effort – an important factor in financially challenging times.

LIHNN – Horizon scanning bulletins

The Horizon Scanning Bulletins support the commissioning process and service redesign, bringing together new and emerging information on:

  • best practice
  • innovation
  • future risk factors

The service provides an easily digestible monthly email update of key and relevant information and examples of new or developing services in other NHS organisations, and transferable examples from other sectors.

The Bulletins are produced by NHS Librarians across the North West and many are quality-assured by experts in the field to ensure high quality information.

Knowledge alerts for commissioners.  Created by Anne Gray  Knowledge Officer Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit

Who can I contact?

Find out what current awareness tools are being used within your health library.

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