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The HLG Newsletter gives readers a space to publish, share and access the latest news, best practice, research, current awareness information and conference/course updates. You can also keep up to date with our regular features, book reviews and relevant internet sites of interest.

We’re keen to receive contributions from readers, so whether you want to share an impact case study, reflect on a new service development, or share your experience of attending an event, course or conference, please get in touch.

Contributions to the Newsletter should be sent to: newsletter.hlg@cilip.org.uk

Contribution Guidance

  • We suggest you aim for between 500 and 1000 words, ideally written in Word or a rich text document.
  • Include the name, date and venue of any event, study day or conference.
  • Use bullet points, quotes and other formatting if you wish.
  • Please use full versions of acronyms and abbreviations on the first occasion of use.
  • Photos and screenshots are very welcome! Please include images as separate files.
  • Include your name, job title and organisation, and please indicate whether you are happy for us to publish your email address on the website, in case anyone would like to contact you about your piece.

Newsletter Editorial Team

Editor: Vacant

Keith Nockels khn5@le.ac.uk – Internet Sites of Interest 

Julia Garthwaite j.garthwaite@ucl.ac.uk – Diary of Events  

Franco Henwood franco.henwood@hee.nhs.uk – Book Reviews

Dates for 2022

IssueContent deadline
Spring (March)24 February 2022
Summer (June)26 May 2022
Autumn (September)25 August 2022
Winter (December)24 November 2022
Click here to read the current newsletter – Spring 2022
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