HLG75 – What Works for Wellbeing

In this session three libraries share their experiences of wellbeing projects they have been involved in in their organisations. You can see each of the three presentations in the video below.

Improving internal communications for staff well-being

Jenny Craven and Jenny Kendrick (NICE)

You cannot underestimate the importance of a good communication system; it enables people to communicate effectively and also to feel comfortable that they are using the most appropriate channel for a specific communication. For this presentation, we are going to share the exercise we ran in information services to set up good internal communication channels for the team, and to demonstrate how it has worked in practice, with a particular emphasis on wellbeing.

Leading and learning to support staff well-being

Hong-Anh Nguyen (The King’s Fund)

Over the course of 2022, a team at The King’s Fund has been developing a free introductory three-week course, delivered via FutureLearn, it is designed to support NHS leaders to develop their understanding of their own health and wellbeing to enable them to better lead and support their teams and organisation. In this presentation I will share four different ways to think about health and wellbeing that might help give a more nuanced and multi-dimensional insight into this complex issue. I will also discuss the online course (which is available to all and is freely available) and what learners can expect from this course.

Mario Kart, Knitting and Snakes Oh My! – The benefits of library engagement activities

Hayley Chevell and Sharon Davison (Coventry University)

The Coventry University library run a variety of engagement events for students ranging from knitting sessions, Mario Kart tournaments, nail painting and even animals in the library.

The purpose of these events is to promote student wellbeing by providing them with the chance to socialise with their peers, learn new skills and encourage them to take a well-earned study break.

These events also offer the opportunity to promote library services and to build on the relationship the library has with the student body.

This talk will discuss the benefits of these events for both students and the library, and it will also include practical considerations required when planning and running events, as well how to utilise social media to maximise engagement opportunities.


You can view the full session on our YouTube channel.


Hayley Chevell is a Senior Information Assistant in the Academic Liaison Team at Coventry University
Sharon Davison is an Academic Liaison Librarian in the School of Health at Coventry University
Jenny Craven is an Information Specialist at NICE
Hong-Anh Nguyen is Library Services Manager at the King’s Fund
Jenny Kendrick is an Assistant Information Specialist at NICE

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