Updated: Medical Core Collection (7th edition)

Preeti Puligari
Project Lead

The Medical Core Collection is now fully updated.  The 7th edition has been published online November 2021. You can view it at: https://corecollection.co.uk/.

As more print books are being published at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, we plan to make a print copy of the Medical Core Collection available later in 2022. Health library staff will be able to purchase a print copy at a nominal rate from Tomlinsons; please email them with your request.

This 7th edition has been has been fully updated by the Medical Core Collection Working Group based on the contributions of health librarians in the NHS, Higher Education and special libraries as well as health practitioners working in the field. The Working Group thank all contributors for their involvement, making it a truly collaborative publication.

The final LibraryThing version of the Core Collection which includes contributors’ comments can be viewed online here.

If you have any further feedback on the titles in this collection, please email Preeti so that they can be considered for the next edition.

HLG Newsletter
Winter 2021

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