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HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 33 (2)

In the last few years we’ve seen the growth of Twitter as an information tool, beyond the wide public perception that it is only used by celebrities. Many professionals and institutions have taken to Twitter as a way of passing on information and encouraging debate, and it seems almost mandatory for those attending events and conferences to add a hashtag to your tweets about the event, thus grouping them together with other people’s, forming a discussion. You can even search through a discussion without signing up, which is known as “lurking”, and is seen as good practice if you want to see what Twitter is all about without committing yourself. To tweet you can obviously use the Twitter website, but there are alternatives, especially if you find that inaccessible. There are desktop apps that can be downloaded onto your PC, such as TweetDeck, HootSuite or MetroTwit, which allow you to have multiple Twitter accounts open. If you aren’t able to download software, then most current smartphones that run iOS (Apple), Android or Windows Phone will allow you to connect to Twitter through the phone’s own software, or else download separate apps. Finally, if you don’t have a smartphone you can even send tweets through via text message, which also allows you to see if anyone has replied directly to you.

Librarians and information professionals are no different, and there are many that use Twitter in just these ways. We’ve collected together a smattering of some of these in a list here, but of course there are many others that you can follow. If you’d like some more ideas, you can look at the list of individuals and organisations that LfN follows on Twitter by going to

  • Jo Alcock – Birmingham City University
    • @joeyanne
    • Researcher, librarian, cat lover, crafter, coeliac. Tweets include stereotypical photos of cats, knitting and food (no gin though, make mine a fruity cocktail).
  • Tara Brabazon – Charles Sturt University
    • @tarabrabazon
    • Writer, speaker, listener, thinker, professor of education. Australia
  • Teresa Chinn – WeNurses
    • @AgencyNurse
    • Teresa Chinn RN & social media specialist. Passionate about connecting nurses through social media &community Founder of @WeNurses
  • CILIP InfoLit Group ‏
    • @infolitgroup
    • The CILIP Information Literacy Group aims to provide a forum across all sectors, which encourages debate & allows knowledge exchange in all aspects of #infolit
  • Lesley Firth – United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
    • @herslantfinely
    • Assistant librarian (NHS) | Feminist | Enthusiastic dancer | Lame music lover | Cat slave | Red wine drinker | Stewart Lee quoter | American TV enthusiast
  • Emma Illingworth – University of Brighton
    • ‏@wigglesweets
    • A dancing, sweet eating, dog walking, adventure seeking AND chartered librarian.
  • LIS Research
    • @LISResearch
    • News and information for the UK library and information science research community.
  • Charles Oppenheim ‏
    • @CharlesOppenh
    • Former Professor of Information Science, interested in legal issues, evaluation of research, repositories and electronic publishing industry. T shirt wearer.
  • Ned Potter
    • @theREALwikiman
    • Forward looking Information Professional – tweeting about emerging trends, library marketing & advocacy, new technologies, New Professionals, all that stuff.
  • Bethan Ruddock – Mimas, University of Manchester
    • ‏@bethanar
    • librarian working for Copac and the Archives Hub. Easily distracted by a good story or shiny things. Author of New Professional’s Toolkit
  • Victoria Treadway – Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
    • @Librarianpocket
    • NHS librarian tweeting about libraries, professional development, chartership and other hot topics from library land. All views my own.
  • WeNurses
    • @WeNurses
    • Connecting, driving and supporting the nurse community through nurse twitter chats & nurse social media resources
  • Steve Wheeler – Plymouth University
    • @timbuckteeth
    • Web 2.0 researcher, author of The Digital Classroom, Associate Professor of learning technology, international speaker, disruptive activist


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