Train the Trainer

Train the trainer, face-to-face or virtual training

What do I need to know?

Possible content covered:

Creating a friendly and informal climate for a conducive learning environment

Training and learning theories – activities adapted for different learning needs, value of applying and understanding learning theories to your teaching

Learning styles – Myers Briggs, 360-degree feedback tool

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning

Sequenced and scaffolded learning


Reflection – John’s model of reflection                          

Creating learning outcomes, SMART objectives

Adapting activities for different learning needs and different sized groups

Presentation and communication skills in order to present complex information to a variety of audiences

Leadership skills

Group management techniques

Identify appropriate management techniques to use for different situations.

Managing nerves

Evaluation – Kirkpatrick’s Level of Evaluation

Who can I contact?

Firstly contact your regional HEE team to find out whom they usually employ to carry out Train the Trainer.  If they do not have someone in place, you could then approach individual trainers.

Possible trainers and contacts:

  • Lisa Jeskins – Physical train the trainer
  • Diane Edwards – Virtual train the trainer
  • Caroline Doherty – coach supervisor and facilitator
  • Jo Walley – coach – Coaching theory and techniques, mentoring
  • Amanda Stearn – Culture Change, Coaching & Leadership Development Specialist
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