Nursing Core Collection

HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 36 (1)

Following several months of hard work and discussion, the 5th edition of the Nursing and Midwifery Core Collection was published at the 2016 HLG Conference. The final tally of books collated together was 643(Tomlinsons., 2016), covering accident and emergency nursing to wound care, and all areas of nursing and midwifery in between. We thank Diane McCourt, the Collection Development Manager at the Royal College of Nursing, for contributing not only to the review of the collection, but also the foreword to the publication itself. Thanks are also due to Tomlinson’s for hosting and publishing the collection. Most of all though, thanks to all of those that contributed to the list over the course of the consultation period, as you’re the ones that make it happen.

You can access the full list online at


Tomlinsons. (2016) Facts and Figures. In: Nursing and Midwifery Core Collection. 5th edition. Wrotham, Tomlinsons. pp. iii.

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