Nursing Core Collection – new edition

HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 35 (1)

In 2010, Tomlinson’s, in conjunction with the Royal College of Nursing and Libraries for Nursing, published the fourth edition of the Nursing and Midwifery Core Collection, the list of book titles considered as central to any nursing and/or midwifery book collection. Fast forward to 2015, and work has started on putting together the fifth edition, a project in which HLG Nursing is taking a lead role. However, the primary involvement will come from the members of HLG and the wider nursing and midwifery library community in the UK, as it is all of you that will make the suggestions that will eventually form the list of titles that will go to make up the Core Collection. As a context, the list in the fourth edition consisted of 665 titles (Tomlinsons, 2010).

As with the previous edition, use will be made of LibraryThing (, the online cataloguing and social network site for librarians, to populate the list. LibraryThing is a useful means of undertaking this project as it has a global reach and is accessible through all manner of devices (LibraryThing, 2014). Initially, this will use the previous edition as the template, suitably updated with newer editions of existing titles added and titles no longer in print removed. This will then be opened up to the wider community, both for comments on the existing list, and for suggestions of new titles to be added. Following the end of the consultation period, a committee will review the results and comments, and will then use this information to put together the final Core Collection list, which is expected to be published in 2016, with the release at that year’s HLG Conference.

Keep an eye open for announcements on when the consultation period is due to open, and what you will need to do to contribute, through HLG Nursing’s usual channels of communication, including the website and our Twitter feed (@libs4nurs).


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