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HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 31 (1)

Continuing from the last edition of the Bulletin here is the third in our series of “a day in the life of…” a member of the Libraries for Nursing committee feature.

A Day in the Life of Bethan Carter

Bethan Carter
Clinical Librarian
York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE

I work as a Clinical Librarian at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This is a new role for the Trust with a broad remit to bring information services into the clinical setting. This can involve providing training, literature searching for patient cases and multidisciplinary team meetings, or supporting audit or guideline development. Our main Library is based in the St John’s University Library, which is offsite from the hospital, so I am the only member of the Library team permanently based on the hospital site. My day is punctuated with meetings and training sessions but outside of that I am free to organise my time as I choose. On this particular day I start with the usual checking and dealing with emails, adding a couple of enquiries to my to-do list. I have

a regular meeting with my colleagues from the Library to catch up on the events of the last couple of weeks.

I then move on to a regular audit meeting with one of the clinical teams. This is an educational event for the medical staff which involves presentations of departmental audits followed by discussion. It results in requests for a search and a couple of articles. Being present at the time the question is originally asked means I have the full context of the query making it easier to identify the urgency, right resources and level of detail required. I also get feedback on the impact of work I have previously undertaken for the team.

After a late lunch I finish up a literature search I have been working on for a midwife. I then have a nurse coming for a database training session. We start with a quick chat about her requirements and the session takes about an hour. It is a beginner’s session which covers the usual aspects of designing the question, breaking it down into searchable concepts and then selecting relevant resources. We have a bank of all our training materials so I can just print materials as required. We often do not have a great deal of information before a session so tend to select support tools as they are needed. Finally I record all the statistics and make my notes on the session.

I finish the day with a discussion with a colleague on our plans for the next junior doctor training session. We provide a session on searching the literature which is part of a full day’s training on evidence based practice, clinical audit and critical appraisal. The levels of experience in the group vary so this year we are giving them a workbook to work through. It guides them through deciding upon a clinical question, formatting a search and using various resources. We can then provide 1-2-1 support during the session to those people who want it. My colleague is designing the book, so I only need to provide feedback.

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