Libraries for Nursing Committee news

HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 33 (1)

Everything Changes – A look at recent changes to LfN’s Committee

Emma J. Ramstead
Outreach Clinical Support Librarian
Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust 

The New Year often brings about changes, and LfN is no different to this trend. Since the last study day in November 2012, the committee has undergone some degree of upheaval over the last few months, with a number of post holders choosing to step down from their roles. What we’ll try to do here is go into some of the changes that have occurred.

Since Jane Shelley stepped down from the post of committee chair in 2011, we have been on the lookout for a permanent replacement, which we are delighted to announce that we have found in Lorrie Farrall from East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust. Lorrie has been serving as LfN’s Core Content Co-Ordinator, and will continue in this role alongside her new position. Of course, the appointment of a permanent Chair means that Sarah Thompson, our acting Chair for the last year, has stepped down from that exalted but temporary position. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sarah for her efforts at the helm of LfN, steering us away from potential sandbanks and into safe water, which can’t have been easy when she’s also had our world renowned study days to organise. The work she’s done may not result in the letters “MBE” after her name, but we take great pleasure in awarding her the YTT – You’re The Top.

Speaking of Study Day Organisers, we also have to report that our second Joint Study Day Organiser, Gillian Siddall of the University of Northampton, has decided to step down from this role, which she has occupied for the last three and a bit years. Not only have she and Sarah organised some exceptional and well regarded study days over the last few years, but they have presided over them with charm, grace and professionalism (combined with occasional bacon sandwiches). As a consequence, we’re all sad that Gillian will no longer be at the forefront of the organising, but we’re pleased that she’s remaining as a committee member so that we will continue to benefit from her sage advice and calm demeanour.

As well as Gillian stepping down, we also have to report that our long-standing Bulletin editor, Sarah Kevill of the University of Stirling, has also decided to relinquish the reins. The Bulletin you’ve all enjoyed over the last few years is in large part down to the rigour she has shown in ensuring the quality of material coming in, both in terms of subject matter and in the actual writing. Again, while she is standing down from her role, she is remaining on the committee and will hopefully remain a source of good advice to Phillip Barlow and Emma Jane Ramstead, who have taken over the task of editing the Bulletin.

Our final major change has seen the creation of a new Deputy Chair position. We have to admit that finding a permanent new Chair was something of a difficult process, which makes us even more grateful to Sarah Thompson for being willing to act up for so long. So, we decided that, to try and ensure that we have a degree of continuity of leadership in the future, the Chair should have a Deputy who can step into (or sit in) the chair in the absence of the Chair (that may be too many chairs – ed.). Our new Joint Bulletin Editor, Emma Jane Ramstead of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, has graciously volunteered to take on this role as well. As she and Lorrie are now running mates, we wait with anticipation to find out their campaign slogan.

We’d like to take a final opportunity to thank Gillian and the Sarahs K and T for their efforts in the roles they have vacated, as they have helped continue to keep LfN in its position as the major group for libraries working with nurses and midwives. Being on the LfN committee is an excellent means of enabling you to develop new skills that your day to day role may not address, while it is also a good way of gathering material for the chartership of revalidation process, or for your own continuing professional development. It also gives you a chance to network on a more regular basis than you might otherwise be able to, meeting other librarians and information professionals from both the NHS and Higher Education sectors. There are the additional gains that you can make not just through joining the committee, but taking on a specific role. We currently have a vacancy for a Joint Study Day Organiser, so if you are interested in that role, let us know. And keep an eye open as well, as other vacancies also open up. You can find out about any of the specific roles by going to the contacts page on our website and getting in touch. And get in touch too if you’d like to join the committee. If you’d like more information, then contact either our Chair, Lorrie Farrall, or Deputy Chair, Emma Jane Ramstead, or else look on the website at

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