Libraries for Nursing Bulletin e-archive

HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 36 (2)

It’s coming up to three years since the launch of HLG Nursing Bulletin as an electronic publication, which coincided with closing the chapter on our previous incarnation of LfN Bulletin. But, as with all good stories, there’s never really an end, as there’s always a continuation of it somehow and someway. And so it is with LfN Bulletin. It’s a pleasure to announce that we have now set up a digital archive on our website, from which you can access past issues of the formerly print only LfN Bulletin and its predecessor, NIS Newsletter. At present, there is no index or search function, but we will aim to make this part of the long-term, ongoing project.

However, we need your help. At present, there are a significant number of issues that we have not been able to add to the archive, as we do not have copies of them available to digitise – these are primarily from the 1980s and 2000s. So, much as the BBC and ITV have done in appealing for the return of missing television programmes, this is an appeal to our readers, whether individual or institutional. If you have old editions of either NIS Newsletter or LfN Bulletin that you would be willing to either digitise yourself, or have digitised, then please contact the editor. You can see what issues are currently missing, as well as browsing what is available, at

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