Knowledge Management

What do I need to know?

Healthcare libraries are important in helping their organisations apply and use evidence, continue to learn and build know-how. This kind of activity can help prevent mistakes, stop people reinventing the wheel and contribute to service improvement. KM activity can include creating research repositories, supporting policy work, and gathering lessons learned.

Where can I learn more?

The Knowledge Management pages on the Knowledge for Healthcare blog are the key places to go for all things KM related. There are numerous links and ideas for you to follow-up, including tools, KM stories, training resources, a self – assessment tool and community of practice.

There are also links to people who can help you who have developed expertise in this area. Chris Collison is a recognised expert in KM who has also co-authored the KM Cookbook, which provides lots of insights from different organisations. The links to this are also on his website along with a link to another of his books Learning to Fly.

Look out for Knowvember, a month dedicated to KM in health libraries where libraries will offer activities to promote KM in their organisations, and other activities for library staff take place.

Who can I contact?

Your local contacts will be able to refer you to local experts and resources.

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