Instructions for authors

Libraries for Nursing Bulletin 39 (2)

Instructions for authors 

We welcome articles of any length that would be of interest to fellow health information professionals.  We also welcome reviews of books, electronic resources, training events, conferences etc. and training guides or materials. 


  • Please supply an electronic version of your article  
  • Manuscripts should be typed in Arial font, size 14 point and using one and a half line spacing 
  • Authors should include their names, current position, work address and email address if applicable. 
  • Please include a short abstract c. 150 words for your article 

Open Access 

At present, there is no policy as regards Open Access for HLG Nursing Bulletin. Therefore, if you wish to make your article available on an OA basis, you are free to deposit it in your organisation’s OA repository. If your organisation does not have its own repository, we recommend using a resource such as Research Gate as a way of allowing open access to your article ( 

Get yourself published! 

Write a short, medium or long article on any topic,  

for example: 

  • Reviews of electronic resources 
  • Details of user surveys 
  • New initiatives 
  • Introduce your service to the Libraries for Nursing community 
  • Conference reports 

Please contact Phillip Barlow for more information about the Bulletin or send any articles to:  

Phillip Barlow 

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