HLG75 – Free Wellbeing Station

SenseTherapy will be providing chair massages for attendees during breaks, over lunch time and during the networking session at the end of the day.  The sessions are free but must be booked in advance.  If you would like to book a 10 minute massage please complete the form or scan the QR Code.

About Chair Massage

On-Site Chair Massage is applied in a specially designed chair. The chair is adapted to suit each individual and will allow you to fully relax as it takes pressure off the postural muscles that work constantly when you are in the seated position at your desk. There is no need to disrobe; no oils or creams are used when the treatments are given. It’s quick, clean and easy: ideal for the workplace.

An individual receiving a chair massage

The massage treatment is designed to reduce the build up of tension in the neck and shoulder regions and to help bring about relaxation. Towards the end of the treatment, stimulating movements are applied to rejuvenate you, leaving you feeling invigorated, refreshed and energised. Your therapist will modify the massage to suit your needs.

For example if you have tight shoulders you may require that they concentrate on this area. The treatments can vary in length to suit your needs. Our treatments lengths are 10 minutes. Each person is required to complete a safety form prior to their massage to ensure their safety. At the end of the treatment there is the opportunity to give feedback, either through our feedback system or on the appointment sheet.

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