HLG Conference

HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol. 39 (3/4)

You will likely have heard by now the sad news that the HLG Conference, originally planned to take place in Aviemore in July 2020, and then rearranged for April 2021, has now had to be cancelled as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We are all very disappointed that this decision has had to be taken, but it is obviously the correct one to take given everything that is currently going on.  

HLG is now discussing the route forward with 2021, with a view to providing events online during the year that will go some way to taking the place of the face-to-face conference. Keep an eye open for news of HLG’s plans in this area, as we hope to run a number of exciting events in many areas of interest. 

If you have any questions about HLG’s plans for 2021, you can contact the committee at hlgchair@gmail.com

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