HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 38 (1)

Welcome to the first issue of HLG Nursing Bulletin for 2019. As usual, we are here to guide and inform with a range of articles on different topics that will, hopefully, prove to be of interest to you.

Social Media is becoming an ever more prevalent part of all our lives, whether it be in the personal or professional spheres. That it does form a major part of our professional lives is indicated by the number of professional organisations issuing guidance on how to use social media platforms in a responsible way.[1] Marian Brown and Erin Bloxsidge here discuss how London South Bank University has introduced sessions on the use of social media for their nursing students.

Heather Steele and Sam Burgess have spent the past year taking us on their shared journey through the HEE/CILIP Leadership Development  Programme. Now that they have come to the end of this, they give us some final thoughts on the experience, and how they will use what they have learned going forwards.

Getting users to come to training sessions run by the library service can be a frustrating business, even if they have signed up with the best of intentions. Often things will come up that mean they can no longer attend. Utilising the time that teams set aside for their own training can be a good way of getting users to training events that they realise are important, with more likelihood that they will be able to attend. Phillip Barlow discusses the split critical appraisal sessions he has run for various teams for their own team training.

As ever, we are after your articles. Whatever it is, we want to have you write it for us. Whether it is a report from an event you’ve attended, a write-up of some new resource or service you’ve offered to your users, or you have an opinion on some aspect or other of the profession, let us know about it. Details on how you can contribute are at the end of the issue, and can be found on our website.

Phillip Barlow
HLG Nursing Bulletin editor

[1] NMC Social Media Guidance – https://www.nmc.org.uk/standards/guidance/social-media-guidance/

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