HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 36 (3/4)

We bring balmy greetings to you on this, the summer issue of HLG Nursing Bulletin which, as usual, contains articles spanning a number of topics relating to our profession, in healthcare generally and nursing in particular.

We are increasingly involved in presenting and promoting our services, and increasingly we are after ever more eye-catching ways to get across the message we are trying to impart, from highly animated PowerPoint slides, to Prezi turning you 180 degrees on your head, to posters, flyers and videos. Emily Hurt and Sinead English go into their use of Canva, a free-to-use graphic design software, as a way of making their promotional materials and teaching presentations as eye-catching as possible.

Increasingly, libraries and information services, particularly in the health sector where there is more and more of a squeeze on available resources, are having to demonstrate to managers the impact that the service they provide has on the organisation as a whole. But, being able to demonstrate this can sometimes be difficult, particularly to someone in the organisation that has a vague idea of the library’s existence, but may not set foot inside the premises from one year to the next. Lesley Allen sets out her conclusions from a study day that was intended to show how the impact of the library services can be demonstrated in just 5 easy steps.

We all know that Knowledge for Healthcare is a major undertaking that will require a range of skills of many different types from many different people to implement. Leadership is the great driver to do all of these things, and having strong leaders to move things along is vital, hence the reason that Heath Education England and CILIP have joined together to develop the Leadership Development Programme. Sam Burgess and Heather Steele, two of the participants in the upcoming 2017 cohort, here detail, in the first of a regular series in HLG Nursing Bulletin, their reasons for deciding to join the programme.

2018 is going to be a big year for conferences as, in addition to HLG’s own offering at Keele University, we also have the 2018 European Association for Health Information & Libraries (EAHIL) Conference taking place in sunny Cardiff. The organising committee has put out a call for abstracts, so, if you are up for the idea of standing up and talking in front of hundreds of your peers from many countries, then this is ideal for you.

We’re always on the lookout for articles, so if you have an idea and would like to get it down on paper (not that we’re on paper anymore) and into print (not that we do that either), but are a bit nervous about the process, then drop us a line. If you’ve been to a study day or event, have a new system or process like you’d to shout about, or even if you have an opinion of something you’ve seen published elsewhere, let us know. Details on how to contribute to what is YOUR bulletin can be found at the end of the issue, or on our website.

Phillip Barlow
HLG Nursing Bulletin editor

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