HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 35 (3/4)

Welcome to the latest issue of HLG Nursing Bulletin. This issue is dedicated to the tech provision that can be provided to and by libraries for the benefit of their users, which hopefully go to stimulate the little grey cells, and allow us to think up ways that technology can be applied to disseminating information to users.

As was noted in the previous issue, the provision of online, streamed videos for teaching and training is becoming more prevalent, with increasingly diverse areas finding themselves put ‘before the camera’. Robert Cunningham and Michelle Bond discuss their first interaction with video production and editing in the creation of a video guide for their institution’s digital repository.

While new technology is fine and dandy, if existing tech is still in use by everyone, and still does the job, is there any reason to switch to something just because it’s new and sparkly? Daniel Simkin explains the process behind the production of the Royal College of Nursing’s Quality and Safety e-bulletin, sent out not through the use of pinpoint lasers to a chip embedded in the user’s brain, but via tried and trusted e-mail.

These days, it’s rare that people don’t have some kind of device capable of running apps. The difficulty with medical apps is that there is little or no regulation of them, with no way of ensuring that the evidence on which they base the advice they provide is of good quality. With Heath Education England’s Knowledge for Healthcare framework making provision of high quality information to the public a priority, Nina Thirlway goes into the development and rollout of an app called ‘Prodigy Patient’ , which is free to download and provides content that comes directly from NICE Evidence’s Clinical Knowledge Summaries.

While we’ve now passed the early bird deadline, there is still time for you to register for a place at the HLG Conference in Scarborough in September. Check the website for more details.

As always, we’re on the lookout for articles of all types – trials of interesting new resources, implementation of new services, reports of interesting events, reviews of significant books, or indeed anything that health librarians in general, and nursing librarians in particular, might be interested in. If you’d like to write about it, get in touch. And don’t forget, if you’ve never written for publication before, then HLG Nursing Bulletin can be a good first step to getting onto that particular horse.

Phillip Barlow
HLG Nursing Bulletin editor

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