HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 34 (2)

The second issue of LfN Bulletin this year comes at the end of a long hot summer that has seen many endeavours of the sporting kind come and go, most notably the second major multi-sport event in three years to be held successfully in Britain. But Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games has not been the only significant event, as we have also enjoyed the spectacle of HLG 2014. So, to commemorate this, we dedicate this issue to a retrospective of the conference, with write-ups from three attendees.

The first two of these come from Gillian Siddall and Jackie Cousins, looking at the various plenary sessions and parallels, what they took from each of these, and how the things they learned they plan to feed into their own practice. The third write up however follows a markedly different route, as Samantha Burgess takes a look at the Twitter conference. Samantha, a prolific tweeter herself, looks at tweeting at a conference, the joys and difficulties of Wi-Fi access, and the problems of trying to network with someone you know well in the Twitterverse, but who you’ve never met in person and who doesn’t have an easily identifiable profile picture.

We had planned to have a write-up of LfN’s Spring Study Day in this issue. However as it took shape in the context of HLG we will aim to include it in the next issue alongside a write-up of the Autumn Study Day. This will be held in October at CILIP, so check out the website for more information.

As always, if you have an idea for an article, whether a book review, a report on a training day, a new resource you’ve obtained or a procedure you’re undertaking, let us know.

Phillip Barlow
LfN Bulletin editor

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