HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol 33 (3/4)

Christmas is coming, the goose is…probably hoping that we maintain an affection for eating turkey at this time of year. However, it is the festive season, and LfN Bulletin have tried to get into the spirit of things by offering you a selection of articles encompassing past, present and future. We will admit that this connection might not be immediately apparent, but trust us, it is there.

Two of our pieces come from LfN members that have undertaken steps to further their own professional development. Lorrie Farrall recounts her experiences on a mentoring program run by the International Librarians Network, set up to foster relations between librarians across national boundaries with the aim of creating a professional network of librarians and information professionals worldwide. Emma Ramstead meanwhile tells us about what she did while going through the chartership process, and how it has enabled her to undertake various opportunities that might otherwise have not been open as a way of reflecting on her potential future career path.

Speaking of reflection, while we hope that the service we provide to users is good, are we 100% sure that we’re doing what they need? This was addressed by LfN’s 2012 Study Day to a certain extent (Firth 2013), but John Nyman has taken this further by talking to a library user directly and obtaining her reflections on the service she gets from her library.

In the last issue, Gillian Siddall gave us a condensed summary of her trips to both the LILAC and WILU conferences. This time she gives us a much more detailed look at WILU, which took place in May in Fredericton, New Brunswick, based around the theme ‘Synchronicity: The Time is Now’.

Something of a theme that has been running through the Bulletin over the last few years has been charting the continued evolution of Prezi, the web based presentation application. Phillip Barlow here provides a look at Prezi in its current development, with its various new features and developments.

As we bid farewell to 2013, we’d like to remind you that we’re accepting ideas for articles all year round – when it comes to getting subjects that are both interesting and useful out to you, we never sleep. If you’ve written something you’d like to get published, or have an idea that you think will make a good piece, please contact the editors, or check out the LfN website at http://www.librariesfornursing.org.uk. We’ll be bringing out the next issue in the spring of 2014.

From us to you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Phillip Barlow and Emma Jane Ramstead

LfN Bulletin editors


Firth, L., 2013. LfN Study Day 2012 – Marketing with Limited Time and Limited Budget; a personal view. Libraries for Nursing Bulletin, 33(1), pp. 5-8.

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