HLG Nursing Bulletin Vol. 39 (3/4)

Welcome to the latest issue of HLG Nursing Bulletin, in which we have articles relating to a number of areas of work that have been going on, both within the HLG committee and in the wider health libraries community. 

Those of us that have been in this business for a while will know all about the various quality improvement checks that health libraries have gone through over the years, from the HeLICON assessments, through LQAF, to the Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework (QIOF) of today. QIOF is a valuable tool, not just to look at the service that an organisation provides to its stakeholders, but also as a means of aiding the professional development of its staff. Here, Rebecca Scott reflects on how her organisation has used QIOF as a way of supporting its staff through a period of significant organisation change. 

Bringing new people into the profession is important, as without the infusion of young and enthusiastic new library and information professionals coming in, then the profession itself could have a tough time. This is also true in persuading new professionals of the merits of a particular sector, with the key getting to them while they are still learning. Four of HLG’s committee members did just that in October by talking about the merits of health librarianship to a group of students from University College London. They recount the experience here. 

As we find ourselves moving further into the 21st century, we find ourselves less and less using resources in a print format, with an ever- increasing desire to see items digitised to allow for wider access. This is perhaps most the case with journals, with many publishers going about ways of digitising their collections. HLG is a publisher in its own right, with a number of publications under its auspices, including HLG Nursing Bulletin. Here, Phillip Barlow (aka Yours Truly) goes into the project aimed at providing a digital archive of HLG Nursing Bulletin’s print-based predecessors. 

Late in 2020, HLG’s co-chair, Sarah Hennessy, stepped down from the role, and was replaced by our new co-chair, Lynsey Hawker, who was formerly Joint Lead of HLG’s CPD Panel. Join with us in wishing Lynsey good luck in her new role with the committee. 

Finally, we’re sad to announce the cancellation of the HLG Conference in Aviemore. We were looking forward to the event greatly, as we’re sure many of you were. However, keep an eye open for news about what HLG will be doing in place of the conference this year. 

As always, we’re after articles from you. We want to know about the things you’re doing, whether related to the normal ways of working, or as a result of COVID-19. Have you done anything different? How are you finding the working remotely? Have you been redeployed? Alternatively, is there a new service, or resource that you’ve introduced? We’d love to hear about it, especially if you’re thinking about writing something for the first time. Details on how you can contribute are at the end of the issue, and can be found on our website. 

Phillip Barlow 
HLG Nursing Bulletin editor 

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